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Sometimes talking with someone is a great way to get something off your chest, so talking to the author of life about what is going on, how you're feeling, can be a great help.

Yes, God already knows these things, but He wants you to come to Him with your fears, thoughts, requests, disappointments, He wants to hear it all! And prayer isn't just a one way conversation; God is ready and waiting to speak to us.

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Also, prayer is a good way to give God control of our lives. Sometimes, fear can rise in us if we can't control or do anything in a situation, but handing it over to God can release His peace that He's at work in and over our lives.

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There is nothing like the presence of God in our lives. He doesn't always take our problems and anxieties, but He is always there with us when the storms of life come.

No matter what is going on your life currently, get into the presence of God, let Him be by your side. Whether you do that through worship, being still, walking in nature, allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in you, there is nothing like His Spirit to calm our fears. My prayer for you reading this, is that you will experience God's supernatural peace in your life. April is a young adult, born and living in Bristol.

37 Powerful Prayers for Peace Within

Her passion is to see young people live the life described in John an abundant one! Truth It can be easy to adopt the world's way of thinking; as we spend more time online or watching media, where articles and photos are shaped to portray viewpoints, which then can affect ours. The world may seem to be spinning around at miles per hour, and you just need a moment to sit and be still.

The overwhelming peace that can comfort you during this time comes from the Holy Spirit within us. Grand Canyon University is a private Christian university in Phoenix.

Peace: A Fruit of the Spirit - Sermons & Articles

Learn more about our Christian worldview by visiting our website. She is a passionate writer, reader and coffee connoisseur; she is always looking for some creative words over a cup of coffee.

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  • Campus Experience Online Experience. Close Form Loading. Peace is knowing that our God is in control.

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