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Related Searches. Description: The universe is mine to command. Watch out for those snake eyes! This black tee from Disney's Aladdin has a card design featuring Jafar the Hypnotist. View Product. This soft grey T-shirt features a sketched style image of Belle and the Beast with roses underneath. How charming! Ernesto may have turned out to be a jerk, but that doesn't mean you can't still love this Coco shirt that Description: Hakuna Matata "ain't no passing craze" and neither are Lion King shirts!

Shop by Gender Guys Unisex Girls. Just don't wear it around the circus , as they may try to turn you into their newest attraction. What if a full-on latex mask isn't really your kind of thing? They look pretty great, especially when you choose one of our high quality animal masks, but sometimes they can get in the way of snacks and drinks when you're headed to a party. So, what do you do then? Well, you just use this makeup kit you silly goose!

With enough yellows, browns and pinks craft the perfect lion face on your face, this makeup kit will turn you the most courageous of all the animals, while still leaving your snacking capabilities fully intact. Another great option to round out your wild cat look comes in the form of this lion ears and tail kit. It has the benefit of giving you a big cat look at a very affordable cost. The best part about this accessory kit is how easy it is to use, since all you have to do is toss the headband on your head and pin the tail to your pants.

Then you'll instantly be many times more lion-like than before! You can even pair it up with a makeup kit to make a full transformation into your favorite big cat. Secretly, your dog probably wishes that he was a lion.

939 goofy boy illustrations, drawings, and clip-art are available royalty-free.

He already thinks that he's top dog around your house, despite the fact that he's still afraid of thunder and the fiercest enemy he's ever faced is the mail man. Well, now you can finally give him the look that matches his innermost instincts! This dog lion costume gives your little doggie a shaggy mane and ears of the wild animal. It may cause some confusion for all the neighborhood cats though! Once they catch a glimpse of your puppy sporting this cute pet costume, they may just have to bow down to the new king.

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Lion Costumes. Whether you're the king of the jungle or the savannah, need to find some courage, or are joining the circus; you've come to the right place for lion costumes. Here at HalloweenCostumes. Show off your bravery with one of these lion suits with a bushy mane. And if you need to step it up a notch, we have face makeup to complete your look!

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Sort By Popular. Made By Us Exclusive. Previous 1 2 Next. How to be a Lion Lions! Love Your Look as a Lion Having some trouble conceptualizing what your child will look like wearing a cute little lion costume? Go Wild! Make Use of Makeup Details! Select Your Shots Once you you've got a whole plethora of pictures, you just need to choose the best ones and upload them to whatever social media you prefer or, all of them, why not.

More Lion Costumes Styles Did you know that in the wild, there are 8 subspecies of lions in the world today? Mascot Lion Costume Lions might not be all that funny in the wild, but maybe the Serengeti Plains, or your local football game, could use a few extra laughs.

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Child Storybook Lion Lions have always had a big influence on the fictional world! Deluxe Lion You want to be king of the jungle, right? Sexy Lion It's a pretty well known fact that female lions are often way better hunters than male lions, so why should boys have all the fun when it comes to dressing like a lion? Couples Lion Costume Ideas It's true; lions usually live in groups called prides, so it would be no fun if you went on the hunt all by yourself. Cozy Lion You no longer have to choose between a cozy costume and a sexy costume , when you can just wear this cozy lion costume.

Adult Lion Want to show your special someone that you've got the courage of a lion?