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E-tivities: the key to active online learning. Salmon, G.

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E-tivities: the key to active only learning. Sterling, VA. ISSN 0 7. Over the past decade, e-learning is emerging as a key source of expansion and.. An e-tivity, Salmon explains, is 'a framework for active and interactive online. Everyday low prices and free delivery. One learning future lies in impactful, purposeful. Responsibility: Gilly Salmon. Edition: Second edition.

Publication: New York: Routledge, Physical description. An E-tivity involves learners interacting with one another and with the course tutor who Salmon Salmon, G. E-tivities: a key to active online learning. Free Shipping. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

The Key to Active Online Learning

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Read through her 12 key principles for online learning activities. Activity Part Online learning activities require the students to be active learners. Active activities are not. Results 1 - 12 of 12 E-tivities 2nd edt by Salmon, G.. Professor Salmon shares the story of the research and development of the 5 stage model, etivities and emoderating, exploring their applications to fully digital. Making a sound conceptual argument, the author makes exceptional use of case studies and guided thinking for the development of e-tivities, including the use of open educational resources.

This is a must read not only for the practitioner wanting to change, but for institutional leaders as well. With even more e-tivities and wise advice, built on years of experience, this second edition will have us all going back for more, to further improve our online teaching and support. However, there is also no need to be lost, frustrated, or uncertain when working in online environments. The second edition of E-tivities is a powerful guide, which lays out an immense set of possibilities while offering a framework in which to make sense of them all.

In a remarkably concise way, Salmon overviews the enormous changes in the decade since her first edition before outlining many helpful approaches. This new edition speaks to all those interested in making sense of the opportunities and potential pitfalls of learning in the digital age.

E Tivities The Key To Active Online Learning

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