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  • Her creative approach mainly focuses on this quality, transmitting all the worlds she depicts in her series to the viewer. In Daylife, her camera captures the beauty of routine, but also the contradictions we encounter in our daily lives: In the series Halla die Waldfee, the viewers venture into enchanted forests and magical scenes.

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    Nature and people cohabitate in a perfect balance and foster the meaning of their existence. Her series Sex is also quite interesting. In it, Sandra related sexuality with tenderness and love, but also with the explicit and grotesque. Nevertheless, the series that caught my attention the most was Faith Fe , as it represents the diversity of meanings that the concept can encompass, without censoring any of them: Like a naked woman that extends her arms in a cross-like pose in front of an altar or a proletarian Christ covered by a golden gauze shawl. In brief, Sandra Mann is one of the most well-known German photographers all over the world.

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    With a strong sense of contemporary conviction, she creates images that, beyond mere contemplation, allow us to think. She studied art history at Frankfurt University and received training in visual communication, photography and sculpture with celebrated artists and exponents like Heiner Blum, Erdogan Bulut, Georg Hueter, Rudolf Bonvie and Lewis Baltz.

    In the series, the artist provides us with the tools to question transience and the fragility of fame. Death can be a sort of separation, which in the case of the music stars is also a reminder that fame is as fleeting as life itself. Time seems to be on the outside of this reality, in a parallel world.

    En las que siempre la premisa es que hayan fallecido los retratados, en este caso, grandes estrellas musicales. The premise behind them is that the portrayed characters are deceased and, in this case, they were great music stars. These stars are immersed in superficial worlds, where spectacle and glamor show only a part of their lives and turns them to pop culture icons, achieving a God-like status among a population that surfs social networks for something to aspire to, in a world that constantly forgets the importance of rituals to the time of origin.

    Cada una de estas obras ha salido de una piedra que ha tenido un proceso diferente y riguroso, en el que la delicadeza, el cuidado y el entendimiento del material son claves para dejar florecer cada obra desde los condicionamientos e intimidad de la propia piedra.

    Arte Al Límite | Edición especial N° 90 by Arte al Límite - Issuu

    Each piece emerges from stones that have undergone different meticulous treatments, in which a particular care and understanding of the materials are fundamental to let every piece bloom from the intimacy of the stones. Because, finally, the stones are a symbol of permanence, hardness; they represent a solid foundation but —in this case— their strength is also weakened and fragile since they are precious stones with a high monetary value, but whose hardness can be easily shattered.

    The sculptor explores the material and starts to chisel and polish it to uncover the face the stone holds, in a conversation between the sculptor and the mineral. Extreme care is necessary, because just one mistake can ruin all the work. Desconectados es una serie que al igual que sus antecesoras: Desconectados is a series that, much like its predecessors: Divas and Matadores, takes place in an almost dream-like space that favors a personal a subjective reading. Words can be revealing in a medical context, under the influence of drugs or even by taking a spiritual retreat, without any access to technology or other scenarios.

    Oscar Monsalve Freddie Mercury, , cuarzo rosado del Brasil, 12 x 14 x 13 cm. Gustavo Cerati, , apatita azul del Brasil, 10 x 11 x 8 cm. With this series, Maquiamelo opens up portals once more to trigger the questions: However, there are also those musicians who step away from this frivolity to harmoniously reencounter themselves, the purity of their souls, and the time of origin that Mircea Eliade proposed.

    Emociones al límite/Aromas de pasión (Spanish Edition)

    Son preguntas de este estilo las que se cruzan por la mente de los espectadores al ver su trabajo. These types of questions go through the minds of the viewers upon seeing his work. The use of new materials is what creates an implied coherence between the theme and the represented artist.

    Relación entre las enfermedades y las emociones: Evidencias científicas , por Vicent Guillem parte1

    Native to Pennsylvania, this mineral is known for controlling energy flows and Janis Joplin used her perfect energy to reach audiences with her music. Beyond their inherent qualities that highlight magic, purity and unconditional love, the stones balance the body physically, emotionally and mentally, helping those who are in transition towards their deaths, much like Gustavo Cerati. The great Argentinean musician was sculpted on apatite, a beautiful blue healing stone with green highlights, native to Brazil and that has the power to soothe headaches with its positive energy.

    Amy Winehouse is another of the artists depicted in the series, carved in pyrite, a stone that is know for its ability to send out sparks when hit with any other mineral, much like Amy, who created unique melodies when her voice was intermixed with any instrument. Las obras que completan la serie son: The other pieces that make up the series are: Muu Blanco uses a myriad of disciplines to speak about ideological and purely aesthetic realities alike, and make us reflect on them, venturing into awareness and unawareness.

    He combines concepts from representational systems like music and visual arts. With an always punk, Dadaist and automatist-like tone, the Venezuelan artist creates visual and sound metaphors by amassing salvaged elements. Compositions made up of images, books and all kinds of objects are offered to the audience for interpretation. This line of work reminds us of the words of Charles Darwin: By this faculty he unites former images and ideas, independently of the will, and thus creates brilliant and novel results.

    The dream — the unconscious — is an involuntary kind of poetry. Moving onto a more political line, he offers us Violencia Abstracta, images that bear a lot of aggressive energy related to soccer, or Paisaje a tiempo, photo-montages in which he represents violent street acts in a city that could potentially be anywhere. Abstraction, which was always present in his family life, is a distinguishing feature of his production.

    Emociones al límite; Aromas de pasión

    For 15 years, he has been working on this means of artistic expression, particularly through geometry, and materialized it through a combination of architectural images that, when put up against the sky or a nature backdrop, generate geometric compositions with an organic feel to them.

    Images with a great aesthetic power bring us closer to the idea Ehrenzweig had about abstract art: Was it music that brought you closer to art, art to music, or was it simultaneous? My grandfather was an artist, and my great-grandfather a writer and playwright. Moreover, listening to vinyl records was a common practice in Venezuelan culture in the 60s, especially in middle-class households in Caracas. In my teenage years I learned about salsa and Latin music through friends from poorer neighborhoods.