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A Miami man flying into Florida's Orlando International Airport last week was arrested on drug smuggling charges after authorities said they found 4. Customs and Border Patrol agents became suspicious and sent him on to a more in-depth examination, a federal criminal complaint said. An X-ray of Cromartie's bag uncovered a large bag inside his luggage containing dried fish and six bags of what appeared to be hard candy, investigators said.

Cromartie told agents he had been asked by a co-worker to go to Montego Bay during a trip to Jamaica and pick up the fish and candy for him. When agents probed the hard candy, they found a "white powdery like substance" which tested positive for cocaine, court documents said. Cromartie was arrested at the airport Wednesday and charged with importing controlled substances into the U. Homeland Security officials filed a criminal complaint against Aldairi on May 29, , and obtained a warrant for his arrest, then kept the documents sealed for months as they investigated him.

Kennedy Airport in New York in July He has been jailed ever since, court records show.

When smuggling Colo. pot, not even the sky's the limit

The six Yemenis were prosecuted for illegal entry, a misdemeanor and served sentences between 14 and 20 days, Bash said. Three of the six remain in the U. Guillermo Contreras covers federal courts in San Antonio and international legal issues. Read him on our free site , mySA. Jordanian pleads guilty to smuggling Yemen immigrants into the U.

Dozens of drug smuggling tunnels have been found over the years. Liesl, the year-old daughter of Sabine and Willi from book two , lives in West Berlin. She tries to act cool the day she and mother are stopped at the checkpoint and thoroughly questioned on their way to visit Uncle Erich who still lives in the Communist side of the city. Mother and Uncle Erich are most upset when they find she has stuffed her stockings and clothes with slim Bibles. She gets into more trouble when she digs into the family history while researching for a school project and still more when she joins some older kids in a protest at the wall.

These stories offer a great experience of another time in history. They show firsthand the poverty, bravery, resilience, and resourcefulness of the people of East and West Berlin during the Cold War era. They are also an example of how the divided city affected families. The setting seems realistic with its atmosphere of suspicion and secrecy.

Chapter numbers in German and lots of other German words and expressions sprinkled throughout also give a feeling of authenticity to these stories. None of the main character kids in these books are content to sit around. The stories are fast-paced and filled with adventure and danger. The age of each of the heroes 13 tells us that these books will appeal to tweens and early teens.

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All the books conclude with a set of Questions for Further Study designed to deepen and broaden the reading experience for individuals or groups. As well as giving YA readers three interesting and fun stories, this book would be excellent supplementary reading for home schoolers and Christian school classes doing a study of the Cold War period all three books are written from a Christian point-of-view. I received Life Behind The Wall as a gift from the publisher Zondervan-Zonderkidz for the purpose of writing a review.

Jun 16, Kirsten rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction. When I first picked up this book, I expected three tales, relatively the same, about life behind the wall -- the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall. And while it was all I expected historically and more besides, I might add , everything in Life Behind the Wall exceeded my every hope. For one thing, it's not three separate tales. Well, technically it is, but it emcompasses the story of one family, in three parts. Each one is cleverly connected to the others, and I finished the book feeling very satisfied, as if I'd just read a full novel rather than three simple tales.

Exciting, dangerous, fun, and rich -- this is one book you're not going to want to miss. Candy Bombers starts things out with thirteen-year-old Erich Becker who is eager to help his starving family in any way he can. And that includes sneaking onto an American air base and bringing home a chocolate candy bar. One successful mission encourages him to do more, but his second attempt turns around in a manner that he never expected. Erich is a wonderful hero, and I really enjoyed his story.

American man arrested for smuggling marijuana in candy

I sympathized with his struggles, and I was really glad to see that he was a more-or-less prominent character in the other two stories. Beetle Bunker picks up the story with Erich's half sister, Sabine, a young girl with polio. She can get around with crutches well enough, but her whole world changes when the Berlin Wall appears almost overnight The bunker she finds later on seems at first to be a safe haven, somewhere she could read Black Beauty in peace without having to worry about someone becoming offended for her reading an inappropriate book.

She befriends a young boy who shares her dislike of the Wall, but what can two teenagers do against the cold hearts of their government? Sabine knows life on the wrong side of the wall is getting harder, and it's only a matter of time before danger envelopes everyone she loves. Smuggler's Treasure tells the last part of the tale, starring Sabine's daughter, Liesl. There is nothing more that Liesl wants in the world than to understand the past.

Her mother and her grandmother won't speak of the days gone by, and even her beloved Onkle Erich doesn't really want to tell her what she yearns to know.

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When a school paper presents her with the opportunity to do a little research, Liesl dives right in. Finding out her family's greatest secret or perhaps the greatest secret kept from her family might take Liesl into strange places Advisory: Some violence; characters get into fights, get arrested and jailed, etc. May 23, Jessica rated it really liked it.

This is a collection of three short youth books about the Berlin wall. Aimed at youth, they follow a family as the city is first divided, then in the middle of the years of conflict, and again when the wall comes down. The books briefly talk about how the Russians have control of one side of Berlin and Germany, and the Americans are helping to protect the opposite side. The books focus more on what it was like for the characters as they This is a collection of three short youth books about the Berlin wall.

The books focus more on what it was like for the characters as they deal with life behind the wall. I enjoyed these books, there was enough action to keep you going, and I enjoyed the characters and the way the same family and storylines were continued through out the books. As an adult, I'm glad I had the opportunity to read all three at once, it really gives the young reader the full feel of each of the three time periods. The third book brought tears to my eyes as there was more of the family history revealed.

I would recommend this to young readers, probably as early as upper elementary for advanced readers, but definitely for middle grades and high school. I enjoyed them as an adult and they have whet my appetite for more historical fiction about the Berlin wall and the Cold War. I enjoy historical fiction but have tended to read mostly about World War 2 and for some reason, really have not had a lot of exposure to the Cold War through Literature, so I'll be looking for more!

I recieved a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

May 26, Nancy rated it it was amazing. The book consists of three self contained stories set in different time periods.

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In the first story, Candy Bomber, Erich Becker, a thirteen-year-old boy is trying to help his family, particularly his grandmother, survive. Food is scarce and Erich is willing to dare sneaking into the American compound to steal food. The second story, Beetle Bomber, features Erich's younger sister. Sabine walks using crutches because of contracting polio. She wants a place of her own and finds a disused bunker.

As the Berlin Wall goes up the thoughts of many in East Berlin turn to escape. In this story, the wall comes down, and we experience all the pent up emotion of the Berliners.

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  • I highly recommend this book for middle grade students. The stories focus on heroic adventures appropriate for young teens. The main character in each is a boy or girl thirteen-years-old. This makes it easy for young readers to identify with the main character and vicariously live the adventure. The stories are historically accurate and are an excellent way to introduce young readers to an important era in world history.