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In the corporate world, degrees and certifications are likely to help you climb that highly coveted ladder of power and success. Simply put, some bar owners look for people with a bartending diploma and others prefer experience. It is a waste of your money. Despite what they want you to believe, bartending is not that hard. If you can memorize some drink recipes, you can turn a bottle upside down; you have what it takes to become a bartender.


Or does it? According to the online training school BeABartender. I had a new, fun and well-paying job behind the bar before the college semester even started," he said.

  1. Are bartending schools really necessary?.
  2. Are bartending schools really necessary?.
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But Allred says that people can learn to do these things on their own, and they should really try, because many bartending schools focus on teaching their students how to memorize a bunch of drinks that can soon be outdated, since drink trends tend to come and go with time. I have traveled to all of the continents in the world, seen the pyramids, the Eiffel tower, Coliseum in Rome, Fjords in Norway, Berlin wall, penguins in Chile, crocodiles in Costa Rica, you get the point! My passion has always been to create smiles. Knowledge, speed and efficiency are key, but having a passion for people and the ability to entertain will make you an exceptional bartender.

Fine Art will definitely give you the tools and the rest is up to you! I took the day class at the Fine Art Bartending school in Vancouver back in summer and I have to say it was a real awesome experience. The instructor was friendly, and not to mention the course was creative and fun! You will learn the real stuff by practising every class, as the result, you will become a bartender just as you dreamed to be!

I got two part-time jobs right after my graduation and I find what I learned from school helped me a great deal at work.

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  • Many thanks to the Fine Art Bartending! I took the day time course in December. The course was practical and to the point. I feel that I have taken a lot away that would have taken much longer then if it had been through trial and error. I have found the job market is still fairly experience focused.

    However, with the bartending course under my belt, I have found myself a position serving at an upscale Mediterranean lounge in New Westminster. I plan to return in the future for the one day flair course. I have been interested in bartending since I turned 18 in Alberta that was considered legal but I never knew where to start or even how to become a bartender. No one would hire me because I had no experience. This is where Fine Art has really helped me along. This job would not have been obtainable without the certificate due to its fast pace environment and high class clientele with all their high expectations and need for the more exotic, delicate, and plainly more difficult drinks.

    Thanks to Fine Art Bartending School, you guys showed me and taught me what I needed to know to work my magic and become a bartender. The school even got me my very first job at a catering hall in Vancouver, and private gigs which i still do now. I even referred 3 friends and they all loved the school and continue to send referrals. And the best part i can come back anytime for a quick refresher on new drink recipes, tricks and tips. Start a Career as a Bartender. I was already working as a bartender in a restaurant in Vancouver before I took your course, and a month after taking the course I became the bar manager!

    During the time that I was a bar manager I developed and created an entire drink menu — taking your course was a essential step to get to this point! Thanks a lot for bringing me there! The teachers are great! I would really recommend Fine Art Bartending School to anyone! I would have to say that I learned so much more in this course. I have ended up bartending in a number of environments from busy Granville street nightclubs, to high end restaurants, to country clubs.

    I am the owner of a fine dining Italian restaurant. This was one of the best decisions that I have made for my business. I just wanted to say thanks to both you and Suzanne! You offer an amazing program and both of you were so personable. It was a pleasure to learn how to become a bartender from you.

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    • I am still working in the same pub as before, but I now do some bartending as well. I look forward to taking your flair course sometime in the near future and expanding my repertoire. I have recommended this school to anyone who is interested in learning to bartend. Thank you again! I had so much fun!! Enrolling in the Fine Art program not only gave me solid fundamental bartending skills but engaged my interest in the industry.

      Step 1: Meet the Requirements

      After finishing I found a better job with possibilities for promotion in a great organization in Yaletown. My success there can almost certainly be attributed to the professional attitude and habits encouraged in the Fine Art program. At a restaurant, you need to be an excellent multitasker since people will be eating and drinking at the bar. You have to crank out drinks quickly, serve food, and keep an eye on the timing.

      If you're bartending in a cocktail bar, it's more like banging out tickets, which can be more intense but more focused. Restaurant bartenders typically make more money, since they can collect tips on a full meal. Customers tend to be less generous in cocktail bars.

      The best part of your shift is when it gets super busy. At a certain point in the night, the bar gets super packed and there's a deep line of people waiting to order drinks. Some bartenders might take a quick shot at this point to deal with the stress, but I actually find that this is the best time to get in the zone.

      Are bartending schools really necessary?

      Customers might get impatient, but you just give them a little nod to acknowledge that you see them and keep banging out drink orders. Time passes the most quickly when it's busy, and you make the most money on tips. There's no safeguard against bad tippers. If someone doesn't tip well — or worse, doesn't tip at all — that cuts into your expected income and it can be super frustrating.

      Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about a bad tipper, but it's not worth getting worked up since good tips always outweigh the bad. Save about 30 percent of your cash tips — you have to pay taxes on them. Sorry, it's the law! I always hear young bartenders complaining that they owe so much money on their taxes, because they didn't plan ahead and save money from their tips.

      Are bartending schools really necessary?

      If you want to be a bar manager, take a business class. I always say there should be a Business for Bartenders class. A lot of people want to be bartenders because it's a creative, social job, but bars are like any business. If you want to run it, you need to be knowledgeable about how to price your drinks, how to manage profits and loss, how to secure funding, and so on. Knowing how to make a delicious drink is only part of the equation.

      Bartender for hire – short course of bartending and waitressing

      Sometimes, bartender conferences will offer seminars on the business of running a bar, but those only scratch the surface. There's a huge drinking culture among bartenders. Bartenders are actually very divided about whether or not it's OK to drink on the job. Some people are staunchly against it, and other people just need a shot every now and then when the shift gets stressful.