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That is certainly the case in our society today. Often the secularists who used to advocate tolerance for diverse views now demonstrate intolerance for religious views. For instance, He tells us that His power works in us through faith. That eternal life is a gift from God Romans God uses our faith to keep us in His way all our lives, which leads us to a great reward upon the coming of Christ. But it is all nonsense to those who are blinded and cannot see it. What God has in mind makes no sense to the worldly mind.

God also reveals future history to those with faith to believe. Abraham was able to see it Hebrews , In order to complete this extraordinary plan, we must live in that faith. Our spiritual vision is precious.

Do we sufficiently value what God shows us? The three Festival seasons remind us of an important part of our calling, and they culminate in the Feast of Tabernacles, picturing the beginning of the rule of the Kingdom of God on earth. These three seasons teach us what Christ did , what He is doing , and what He will do.

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Do we see that hope year-round? God makes it possible to see it through His Holy Days, when we look through the eyes of faith. God has glory reserved for His children! The saints will also inherit rule and authority. Such righteous rule will provide hope for a blind, hopeless world.

This includes the great hope of eternal life. And that hope includes many other good things for the world, such as healing, right agriculture, properly designed cities, righteous social policies, along with good art, and good music. God promises such things, and He has the power to do what He promises Isaiah The Fall Festival Season is a good time to think about our faith as something that changes how we see. The Bible often presents faith that way. Faith does not limit our vision.

Through The Eyes Of Faith

They make music graciously, whatever its kind or style, as ambassadors of Christ, showing love, humility, servanthood, meekness, victory, and good example. Music is freely made, by faith, as an act of worship, in direct response to the overflowing grace of God in Christ Jesus. Co-sponsored by the Christian College Coalition, this thought-provoking study of music-as-worship leads both students and experienced musicians to a better understanding of the connections between music making and Christian faith.

Their faith must convince them that however strange a new offering may be, it cannot out-reach, out-imagine, or overwhelm God. God remains God, ready to swoop down in the most wonderful way, amidst all of the flurry and mystery of newness and repetition, to touch souls and hearts, all because faith has been exercised and Christ's ways have been imitated. Meanwhile, a thousand tongues will never be enough.

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Best relates musical practice to a larger theology of creation and creativity, and explores new concepts of musical quality and excellence, musical unity, and the incorporation of music from other cultures into today's music. Help Centre. Track My Order.

The Theology and Place of Music in Worship

Given I do not buy into those basic assumptions, I also don't buy into the hundreds of other follow-on assumptions made in this book, so it would be difficult to go through with any detail, but I can at least give a couple examples. From page 20 "God is the first abstract, nonrepresentational imaginer, because what God first imagined and crafted did not represent or imitate anything.

Next it assumes that the claimant gets to to jump from saying "everything we humans know are representations of something else" to then saying that god doesn't abide by that same claim. No proof, just by definition. Needless to say, this is only convincing to someone who already believes. From page 15 "music making is neither a means nor an end but an offering; therefore an act of worship. All music makers everywhere understand this and proceed accordingly. But this kind of hubris is rampant throughout this book, and in fact the language in general is exactly the kind of stuff I grew up with.

One thing that I did like about Best is that he argues for musical pluralism, i. As much as he talks about the varieties of music that he does enjoy, his taste is rather mainstream, and he leaves out vast realms of music, especially anything electronic, experimental, or on the fringes of rock, for example psy-trance, industrial, shoegaze, IDM, prog rock, psychedelic, goth, dub, trip-hop, etc.

Probably that's just his age showing, but it is still interesting that he adheres to what I would say is adult-safe music. So did I actually get anything useful out of reading this book?


Perhaps the reminder that religion in general, and Christianity specifically is still just as meaningless to me as it was when I finished rejecting it about 25 years ago, and I am a much happier and better adjusted person without it. View 2 comments.

Oct 24, Keith Willis rated it it was amazing. One of the most thought provoking books I have ever read. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the arts or interested in how Christian art collides with culture. Aug 29, David Meiklejohn rated it it was ok. Hmm, I expected a critique of music in churches, but we get a fairly long description first of what is worship, why musical diversity matters, and why excellence in music is so important.

There is a bit of interesting stuff in the final chapters relating to musical worship in church, but I'm not sure I agree with a lot of what the writer says. He seems a bit snobbish in requiring high musical standards for his worship music, and in the amount of training he thinks the congregation should get in Hmm, I expected a critique of music in churches, but we get a fairly long description first of what is worship, why musical diversity matters, and why excellence in music is so important.

He seems a bit snobbish in requiring high musical standards for his worship music, and in the amount of training he thinks the congregation should get in singing. Maybe I should get a few lessons myself, right enough. Jul 10, J. Elliott rated it it was amazing. This book is one of the deepest, most theologically engaging books I've read in a while. It has inspired me to add another of Best's books to my list. It came entirely as a surprise, this old textbook from university that I had entirely forgotten suddenly blowing me off my feet. It's also done what no living breathing person ever has: led me to consider listening to country music.

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May 08, Kingsley Layton rated it really liked it Shelves: music. That said, some superb evaluations: particularly high and low music and also the concept of re-presentation in art as opposed to imitation. Some real spiritual lucidity in these regards. Aug 27, Jane Ellen rated it it was amazing.

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Best was the dean when I was at Wheaton. He is a brilliant man, talented musician, and deeply spiritual soul.

This has been one of the most influential books on my shelf over the past 20 years because it challenges me to critically think about my music as an offering of worship. There are no "right" answers, only questions that lead to a deeper understanding of the role of music in my relationship with God. This book is not for the faint of heart nor the tired mind; however, it is worth the Dr. This book is not for the faint of heart nor the tired mind; however, it is worth the time and effort it takes to read it. Apr 29, Micah Loggins rated it it was amazing.

Raises a lot of great questions, but doesn't provide the same amount of answers. However, the answers it does provide are well worth the price of the book and the remaining questions are worth pondering. Jun 19, Joseph rated it really liked it. The first half of the book was very helpful for me.

Aug 28, Seth Miller rated it it was amazing. This is a fantastic and insightful view into how music making is to be done from a Christian worldview. Jun 23, Daniel Wright rated it really liked it Shelves: music , religion , christianity , christian-practice. An utterly beautiful and passionate book. I felt like I had been waiting to read it for years.