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Written by: Chris Corner.

Porto Canal - Correr Por Prazer - Fernando Costa

Choose translation. Original Lyrics. Translation in Portuguese. And if you're hurting. I will replace the noise with silence instead. Flushing out your head.

Do Primeiro Quilómetro à Maratona

If you like it violent. We can play rough and tumble.

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Fall into bed. And I won't breed for you can recover.

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When you're in pieces. Just follow the echo of my voice. Apenas siga o eco da minha voz. It's okay.

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Tune into that frequency. Don't fight your reflex. Embrace the instinct. You can feel your way.

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Through the bed that we face in the end. That we live this way. Que vivemos desta maneira. I know people need love. Eu sei que as pessoas precisam de amor.

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Porque eles nunca jogam o jogo. And we talk the talk. We communicate. The people need love.


As pessoas precisam de amor. A: I always did a specific training for the Trilhos dos Abutres. A: All the victories are fabulous because they involve preparation and total delivery … from km to marathons, all the victories have made me grow and return home with a sense of mission accomplished. A: Nuria Picas: spanish, runner, mother, athlete. She suffered an injury and remained active. She returned 2 years later to the competition and won one of the most emblematic competitions in the world: UTMB. Claw and persistence. A : I consider that the Trilhos dos Abutres are distinguished essentially by three reasons:.

A : I cannot talk about the fact that winning the Abutres had changed anything in my career as an athlete. However, winning a race like the Abutres is always a reason for great satisfaction and encouragement to continue working. A joy!

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A: Trilhos dos Abutres cannot be considered for beginners, so it requires a specific preparation given the great muscular requirement. Q: Do you think that by playing at home, the Portuguese team has an advantage over opponents? A: Given the level of performance and experience of the participating athletes as well as the fact that most of the selections come to recognize the trail, I consider there are no significant advantages. A: I do not consider to have a specific dream race, but to repeat some races that gave me more pleasure, with Abutres being one of them, as well as other new races in which I would like to participate.

Main sponsor: Berg Outdoor. Race partner: Ultra Sanabria by Stages. Follow Us. Portuguese Ultra trail Running, from Miranda do Corvo.

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Sem categoria. Interviews with the Female Winners of UTA We talked to the former female winners of UTA and found out what changed after the victory for them, as well as the specifics of the tracks. Q: What is the specificity of your training for the Trilhos dos Abutres?

Q: The victory that more challenge gave you? Q: Who is your reference on the trail? A : I consider that the Trilhos dos Abutres are distinguished essentially by three reasons: — at the organizational level, it is a race that is on the threshold of great international races; — the trails have a very specific character, in one of the best regions at national level for the practice of the sport; — support and public involvement in the event.