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The Maier Homer. The Flip. The Dive. The Jump Throw. The Jeterian Swing. The Homer for 3, The Five Rings. The Fist Pump. Captain Clutch.

Derek Jeter

Many of those who would be Jeter fell hard around him. Yet here he stands, through two decades in Gotham—during the ascent of an information age that devalues privacy and discretion—with integrity intact, hardly a scratch on him. My job is to stay positive. My job is to limit distractions.

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Baltimore fans ran down aisles in droves to snap his picture as he stood in the on-deck circle. Astronauts in the International Space Station tipped their caps to him in zero gravity. How could the most familiar of all players have held up this long and this well? T he day Jeter reported to the Gulf Coast League Yankees in Tampa in he found himself standing over a bin filled with wood bats.

Derek Jeter Yankeeography

Once you know that hitters often treat their bats the way middle schoolers do the objects of their affection, you understand how downright odd it is that Jeter never tried a different bat from age 18 to He does the same thing every day: his work in the cage, his ground balls, his BP. He never deviates. I would never want to play a game and be unsuccessful and think, Well, I could have been successful if I had done this.

Ten fun facts about Derek Jeter

If a praying mantis could swing a baseball bat, it would hit like Jeter. His swing is a series of bent limbs folding and unfolding around a torso bent at the waist that falls toward the plate. His left foot comes up and down twice. His hands dip the bat barrel back slightly before it comes forward.

His left elbow flies out. The last guy to put up such great numbers with such an unorthodox swing was Arnold Palmer. An influence: Gary Denbo. Another influence: Gerald Williams. The Yankees invited Jeter to his first major league spring training in his second season out of high school. Williams, 26 then, looked out for the year-old Jeter like a big brother, always ready with counsel and encouragement. Because of an injury to his left hand, Jeter was unable to hit in Tampa. It became a six-week defensive boot camp under another influence, coach Brian Butterfield.

Jeter was assigned a locker in the same row as a year-old outfielder who came to the park every day with a smile, even though he was a seven-time All-Star reduced to part-time work. New Yankee Stadium games. Nationals Park 3 games.

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Rogers Centre games. Globe Life Park 73 games. Minute Maid Park 6 games. New Busch Stadium 2 games. Wrigley Field 5 games. Petco Park 1 games. Tropicana Field games. Cellular Field 72 games. Kauffman Stadium 67 games. RFK Stadium 3 games. Milwaukee County Stadium 13 games. Fenway Park games. Dodger Stadium 8 games.

Great American Ball Park 3 games. Tiger Stadium 22 games.

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Old Busch Stadium 3 games. Olympic Stadium 3 games. Veterans Stadium 9 games. Tokyo Dome 2 games. Metrodome 52 games.

PNC Park 3 games. Chase Field 6 games. Kingdome 20 games. Miller Park 5 games. Dolphins Stadium 12 games. Coors Field 6 games. Camden Yards games. Safeco Field 63 games. Old Yankee Stadium 1, games. Target Field 13 games. Shea Stadium 34 games. Who is Derek Jeter?

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I loved this book because it's about a baseball legend named Derek Jeter, who is from Kalamazoo, Michigan. His dad is black, but his mom is white, so whenever he would go with his parents to go shopping or something, no one could take their eyes off of him. Derek Jeter grew up being a Yankees' fan ever since he was little. He was also very good at baseball when he was little.

This book talks about when he was little and as he got older, how his life wa Who is Derek Jeter? This book talks about when he was little and as he got older, how his life was going. Read all about it: Who is Derek Jeter?. Sep 30, Joey Oborne rated it it was amazing Shelves: joeys-favorite-books.

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